Genital Herpes Symptoms

Get a doctor quick if you have these herpes symptoms!

Being too attached with multiple partners is big outbreak for Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) like genital herpes and you could be at risk as well if you are not cognizant about the safe practices of sexual intimacy. As much as the society is concerned, it is essential that we determine the possibilities of preventing symptoms of genital herpes and take full responsibility for our sexual health. Here are seven healthy pointers about genital herpes symptoms:

Statistical approach of the disease

It is not uncommon in our society that genital herpes symptoms are prevalent especially to young adults. In fact, the disease is drifted more closely to the females than males. However, the transmissible infection rate is still higher for those same sex Genital Herpes Symptoms in Men couples and partners who often perform oral-anal sex occasionally. Unfortunately, using commercial contraceptives and various protective devices may not guarantee safeguard to genital herpes.

Identify the mode of transmission

Basically, before the symptoms of genital herpes emerge, one should identify the source of its transmission. Since the infection arises from Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), transmission involves skin contact towards mucous membranes of the body around the mouth, anus and the genitals. When an infected individual carries either the two types of HSV, the virus travels from the mucous lining to the nerve roots where it stays during the incubation period. Then the outbreak releases typical herpes symptoms in men and women.

Types of HSV

There are two classification of HSV. HSV-1 cause blisters around the oral area. This usually spreads across to another person if the infected individual kisses or performs sexual act through oral activity. In HSV-2, infections are accounted to genital herpes since they are common to both sexes. The causes and symptoms of genital herpes are also found in HSV-1 but in minute portion as compared to HSV-2.

Typical characteristics Genital Herpes Symptoms in Women

The symptoms of genital herpes manifest some form of redness spot on the infected site. A couple of weeks after the first contact from an infected individual, the person may experience itching and red spot appears. Blisters or ulcers become prominent later on giving a painful sensation to the site. Fever and muscle aches may also accompany the mentioned symptoms.

Specific signs and symptoms

Genital herpes symptoms in men can be observable as painful urination. Discharges or inflamed urethra, which is called urethritis is evident. A sense of urgency is also felt and small lesions around the penile area. On the other hand, Genital herpes symptoms in women may experience vaginal discharges that can be uncomfortable during urination. Vesicles can be found around the vaginal opening and in some cases, the sores can reach the cervix leaving it inflamed.

Triggering factors

Diets that are rich in arginine can trigger the disease. Stress and extreme sunlight should also be avoided to prevent symptoms of genital herpes from occurring.

Who should avoid

When the symptoms appear to be evident, it is best to seek the doctor immediately. Pregnant moms and compromised immunity individuals are advised to stay away from the disease.