Genital Warts

Take a closer look on Genital warts

A wart in the body comes in different forms. It is viral in nature and can vary according to its size and characteristics. Plantar wart and common wart are two distinctive kinds of warts but in some cases, genital warts still exist as a contagious disease. For sexually active individuals, genital warts symptoms are widespread among them. It is researched that at least 20 percent of partners who carries the communicable wart have another disease related to sexually transmitted disease (STD).


Warts found on the superficial areas of the body are small, bump lesions that bear resemblance of that cauliflower. Likewise, genital warts appeared typically as warts but its characteristic and nature arise from a virus transmittable via sexual contact.

Origins of genital warts

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the root cause of genital warts. With more than hundreds of types, only HPV 16, 18, 31 and 45 classifications are considered malignant Genital Warts Picturesbecause they can affect the area to lead cancer cells to develop. If you think that you have warts that are not associated with any sexual contact, then it is different from the malignant types of HPV and you should not worry about it. However, HPV 6 and 11 are two of the usual diagnosis for genital warts.

Genital warts statistics

Unfortunately, the viral disease strikes both sexes. It is found that adolescents are at risk to develop such warts if they are not aware how sexually active their partners are. The contagious is even higher in commercial sexual workers. When open wounds are suspected, the viral transmission can penetrate to the wound area thereby spreading the virus. However, amid the dormant period, HPV lies quietly still until the genital warts symptoms appear after a few months.

Risk factors

Doctors and healthcare workers can assist patients who wish to recognize various genital warts pictures. From here, they can identify how the transmission takes place. Usually, this is taught among young teens and couples who do not actively practice safe sex.

Symptoms in men Genital Warts Symptoms

Since genital wart symptoms are pretty obvious because of their evident structure, in men, the urethral opening and the penis are conducive for wart growth. Manifestations are ideally longer which may reach years to develop. However, men should not hesitate to seek consultation from a medical professional. Papules can be seen along the shaft of the penis while in some men, warts can be observed around the anal area where the area is rich in moisture.

Symptoms in women

In women, genital warts symptoms are prominent around the vaginal opening. There is itching surrounding the infected area and bleeding can be felt during and after sexual intercourse. Sometimes, the warts can extent to the cervical canal. Vaginal discharge is also common especially those with previous history of the viral disease.


Prevention is better than cure and indeed, for genital warts, there has been a vaccine for HPV. Ultimately, the use of protective devices like condom lessens the risk of getting the virus. Thus, safe sex practices should be well heard among the society.